Stanza Lamp Harps

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The Stanza Lamp Harp is designed to work with the Stanza Lamp Socket Dimmer/Switch. It is designed to provide the appropriate spacing between the Lamp Socket Dimmer/Switch and the Harp. The Harp comes in a Brass and Nickel finishes.

Harp Installation:
  • Remove the existing Lamp Harp
  • Slide Stanza harp lock onto bottom of harp and tighten with a 1/16 in (1.5 mm) hex wrench (not provided)

More Information:
Application Notes
Stanza Lamp Socket Dimmer/Switch

When replacing the lamp harp it is important to maintain proper spacing between the bulb and the lamp shade. When the Lamp Socket Dimmer/Switch is installed, the distance between the bulb and the harp should be equal to or greater than what they were without the Lamp Socket Dimmer/Switch installed.

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