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Gloss, Satin, Architectural Matte & Metal Color Chip Samples

From basic white to the latest designer shades you find an attractive solution among our gloss, satin, architectural matte, or architectural metal finishes.

Precise Color Consistency

We use an industry measurement standard called Delta-E (ΔE) which represents the perceivable difference between two colors. The idea is that a ΔE of 1.0 is the smallest color difference the human eye can see but can be considered nearly imperceptible. We manufacture all our products to a tolerance of a ΔE of 1.0 as defined by ASTM E 308-99.

  • Color variations are monitored to ensure that all visible plastic parts have a consistent color
  • All Lutron dimmers, switches, receptacles and wallplates match across the whole product family

Our paper color samples are manufactured using a state of the art printing system unique to any other form of color representation. We use multiple processes to obtain optimal color, texture and sample accuracy.

  • We match colors using spectrophotometer data insuring a precise match
  • We use multiple processes to obtain optimal color, texture and sample accuracy.
  • Each color is individually matched and measured using proprietary paint system to assure precise color accuracy

Architectural matte and metal finishes are only available for Vierti, Vareo, Nova T, and Nova products. Architectural Products are also available in special metal finishes and custom finishes.

† Available in a limited selection of gloss colors

* Fassada wallplates feature either a gloss or soft matte finish. Claro and Fassada metal plates are available in a stainless steel finish only.

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