Cable Jacks
Coordinating cable jacks

Color Chips
Color Chip Collections

Fan Controls
For use with Lutron Fan Controls

Lamp Harps
Stanza Lamp Harps


Lamp Socket Wiring Tester
Lamp Socket Wiring Tester

Light Bulbs - Philips
Features an assortment of Philips EcoVantage, Halogena and CFL Bulbs.

Phone / Cable Jacks
Coordinating combination phone/cable jacks

Phone Jacks
Coordinating phone jacks

Coordinating receptacles

Remote Controls
IR remotes for use with lights, a fan, or a light/fan combination

Replacement Knobs
For additional knobs or when you need a replacement

Replacement Plugs
For use with dimmable receptacles

Six Port Frame
For connecting 1-6 phone jacks into one opening

Set your lights or an exhaust fan to turn off automatically

Wallplate Insert
Cover a backbox you're not using