Vierti Single-Touch Dimmer

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What color would you like for the LED bar? 
How many switches control this fixture? 
What type of lighting source does the fixture use? 
What is the dimmer wattage capacity? 
Do you want a main dimmer or a companion dimmer? 


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Product Family Features:
  • On/off button returns light to your favorite level
  • Audible feedback confirms your touch
  • LEDs indicate light level
  • Touch LED bar to adjust light level
  • Wallplates available in 10 colors
  • LED bar available in white, blue, and green
  • Controls up to 1000W
  • Multi-location dimming compatible with 3-way wiring for easy installation and retrofit
  • Use companion dimmers to dim from up to 5 locations
  • Matching switches available
  • Includes wallplate
  • Incandescent/halogen, magnetic low voltage, and electronic low voltage models available
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