Maestro Occupancy / Vacancy Sensing Dimmer

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Product Family Features:

The Maestro Occupancy Sensing C.L Dimmer combines the convenience of an occupancy/vacancy sensor with the energy-savings of a C.L dimmer, and can be used with dimmable compact fluorescents (CFLs), dimmable LEDs, halogens, and incandescents.
  • Controls up to 150W of dimmable CFLs/LEDs or 600W incandescent/halogen lighting
  • Offers more reliable dimming performance over incandescent dimmers when controlling CFLs and LEDs
  • Approved CFL/LED Bulb List
  • Sleek, unobtrusive sensor adds functionality without sacrificing style
  • Sensor turns lights off after room is vacated
  • Uses Lutron exclusive XCT Technology for sensing minor motions to ensure the lights remain on when the room is occupied
  • Dimmer saves energy and allows you to control the light level to create the right mood or ambiance for any activity
  • Use companion dimmers (MA-R) to dim from up to 10 locations
Occupancy Sensing Dimmer (auto-on/auto-off): MSCL-OP153M
  • Conveniently turns lights on automatically for you when you enter the room; off after you leave
  • Can easily be programmed as a vacancy (manual-on setting) sensor
Vacancy Sensing Dimmer (manual-on/auto-off): MSCL-VP153M
  • Lights turn off automatically but must be turned on manually
  • Meets California Title 24 requirements
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